Utopia & Caddapan Facility Upgrade

200km West of Windorah
80km West of Quilpie


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Project scale

Workshop spooling fabrication and installation of civil, mechanical & I/E components to upgrade loadout facility at inland. Mechanical and workshop fabrication installation on inland facility production tanks and de-watering line to evaporation pond.

We installed culverts and diverted road sections around facility. workshop fabrication, mechanical and electrical installation at Utopia facility. This involved upgrading production tanks piping and installation of RTU control panel c/w solar & batteries, CCTV camera system c/w panels batteries, level switches, level transmitters, and shutdown solenoid valve and valve limit switches.

Utopia facility
Utopia Facility
Caddapan facility

Challenges & solutions

Maintaining a focused delivery of constructing work to industry specifications when under pressure to make changes proved to be difficult. Adapting to different client and site-layout conditions was also challenging.

The age of the equipment and the facility upgrades required a focused and determined approach by the construction crews to not deviate from the normal practices.

The upgrade work was installed to the highest level of integrity and the project was a success despite the challenges.