Town Water Cooling System

Thargomindah Water Cooling Plant

NRG Services


Project Responsibilities

Ago Vires were required to complete the entire electrical installation; this included:

  • Procurement of electrical materials (not switchboards),
  • Installation of all cabling including field cabling,
  • Installation of all cable support systems,
  • Terminate Cables to Field Instruments
  • Terminate Cables to Solar Array & Battery Banks
  • Terminate Cables to Marshaling Panels and Distribution Board
  • Point to Point Testing of I/O
  • Commissioning the Operation of the System


As this is the first project of its kind ever built, Ago Vires had to use its skilled capabilities for Instrumentation and Electrical construction for operating plants (normally energy construction projects). Our team of personnel on site were absolutely instrumental in the success of the project; the client at varying time commented on the performance of Ago Vires and how good the project looked.

The quality of work demonstrated here is of the highest standard; to believe that a company from Thargomindah could deliver such great work is amazing and is a credit to the entire business.

W Mills, Bulloo Shire Council

At varying times during construction, our onsite team had to work alongside other contractors and specialized personnel which meant that task changes had to be made quickly whilst remaining effcient.

Another challenge was completing construction of the plant during summer when temperatures inside the plant would exceed 40degC for extended periods of time (days/weeks).

Solutions Provided

Ago Vires were the most viable option for NRG because our business were based in South West Queensland, and, because our business has an extensive range of commercial I&E experience. This placed Ago Vires as a highly valued contributor to the project and its ultimate success.

The solutions provided by Ago Vires have since been that favourably received by our client/s that NRG Services are including Ago Vires in other project tenders of their own as a preferred service provider.

Not only did Ago Vires underpin the site electrical construction activities, but also the commissioning of the plant followed by the utilization of the broader Ago Vires workforce to complete scheduled maintenance and also to provide emergency response for the ongoing operation of the plant.

Lessons Learnt

As a highly technical project, a standard tradesman would struggle to bring the project together with such precision and workmanship. It was pivotal, right from the beginning, that the personnel engaged to complete the project were involved right from the beginning and to stay right through until the very last terminal was tightened. This not only ensures responsibility, ownership and focus but it also provides our team with satisfaction and accomplishment. This is something that every project team should have and the lesson from this project is how effective this method can be utilised for such a project.

Overall the project was a complete success because of the great communication and rapport our team built with the NRG team; the trust in being able to do everything that was asked and then deliver above expectations has placed this project among the best works Ago Vires has ever completed.

Additional Project Information

The Water Treatment Facility at Thargomindah was constructed to perform as a secondary water cooling and emergency response system to service the down with cool water. The town bore supplies artesian water at 72degC with 1,050kPa pressure, and to deliver this water to town efficiently @ <500kPa @ 30degC @ 27lps, the primary treatment process is via a cooling system constructed of copper pipes placed systematically in a cool water pond whereby the pipes radiate their heat into the surrounding cooler water.

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