Stormwater Upgrade

Thargomindah, QLD

Bulloo Shire

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The 1st project of its kind

The project is the 1st of its kind in this location of Thargomindah.

It required site survey, construction of stormwater through gazetted main roads, development of traffic management plans, monitoring of construction to reduce the risk for residence, road users, pedestrians, employees and the customer.

The work required the excavation through rock; carting away of excavated soil; bed, lay pipe, backfill and compaction; concreting of manholes and kerb; road compaction, testing and reinstatement of pavement; survey of as installed project.

Pipe being laid into position
Pipe being laid into position
Pipe in position – ready for backfil

Challenges & lessons learned

The work was completed through the summer period (October-January) and the risk of heat related incidents were likely. The volume of rock excavated imacted the job significantly.

By maintaining a strict focus on contruction management while understanding the nature of environmental and safety conditions we are able to control risks and deliver a well constructed project.

Solutions provided

A conscious and repeated effort towards construction planning allowed people to minimise their effect from working in hot conditions. No heat related illnesses were reported during the project.

To manage the volume of rock excavation impacting the project, alternative construction methodology was implemented to enable work fronts to flow smoothly and have minimal impact on project deadline.

Construction works