Southern Cooper Basin Gas Project

125km South of Moomba

Strike Energy


Project responsibilities

Ago Vires was responsible for the installation of Civil, mechanical & I/E components to upgrade production facility at Klebb. The project included the installation of ESP, jet pump, surface facility piping, upgrade production facility, separation skid, production manifold, de-watering, and pump sets.

We also did hydro-testing of some piping <70Mpa, installed RTU and associated project telemetry, and performed electrical works.


This region is very arid and geographically isolated. It is prone to extreme weather conditions (heat, cold, dusty and wet).

In order to mitigate unnecessary cost over runs, work was programmed wherever possible. We made the decision to split up the work in milestones (3 weeks at a time) to reduce the likelihood of delay.

There were significant safety risks from environmental, weather and geographical isolation conditions.

Lastly, the project was under pressure from the customer to ensure work was completed by a set date for stakeholder engagement purposes.

Cooper Basin Project
Ago Vires on location

Cooper Basin Project
Ago Vires employees doing maintenance

Solutions provided

It required a close working environment with our client to deliver the successful outcome of a project handover without any significant safety, environmental, project delays or other potential risks controlling the project outcome.

When working in these conditions it is extremely important to come prepared for every possible likely scenario. Plan for the worst and hope for the best.