Senex WSGP Phase 2

70km NE of Roma

Senex Energy

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EOS facility

Scale of the project

Workshop fabrication and site installation of Mechanical and I/E for the construction of the WSGP Surface Facilities.

Even though Ago Vires has been involved at all stages before with other clients; this was the first time that Ago Vires completed site measure, drafting, procurement, workshop fab, logistics, site construction all wrapped into one program of works.

Solutions provided

This facility was constructed as efficiently as possible, using collaborated resources, we were able to address any workshop drafting and fabrication issues in a streamline manner. It proved to be extremely efficient, and our construction crews could follow to site the fabricated spoolwork immediately as it had been completed and tested. Field installation works went as planned and the overall project was a complete success.

Travelling to site (as the constructor) to complete site measure and clear up any ‘grey areas’ made the complete project roll out well right from the beginning.

EOS facility