Noccundra Event & Festival, Facility Upgrade

Noccundra Race Course and Rodeo Grounds

Bulloo Shire Council


Project Responsibilities

Ago Vires were responsible for all aspects of the work on site; ensuring that the preliminary design and customer scope were achievable on site and to enhance any design wherever possible. This meant that Ago Vires were required to:

  • Complete site visit and scope project requirements,
  • Provide early customer engagement and design enhancement,
  • Complete electrical design specification,
  • Offsite fabrication of switchboard, bollards and other equipment to meet the harsh desert environment,
  • Procurement & logistics for all items and equipment to site,
  • Locating underground services (traceable and non-traceable),
  • Excavation and civil works as required,
  • Installation works of all electrical and plumbing to existing facilities,
  • Pre-commissioning of facilities to ensure all operational for mainstream events and large events,
  • Commissioning of project.


working around existing infrastructure

There were many challenges encountered during the construction phase; including rainfall, construction in a flood zone, unknown service crossings, poor existing standard of workmanship, severe heat and geographical isolation, adapting the initial design to fit the actual site construction dimensions, working around existing infrastructure to ensure all facilities remained operational while ensuring efficiency was achieved with skilled labour through all phases; then, all construction to be completed within a tight deadline.

Our niche of working in all of these conditions for so many years made this project a perfect fit and our team were keen to break dirt and bring this project to life.

Solutions Provided

Ago Vires provided skilled Construction Management integrating the civil, plumbing and electrical components as a package of work that improved remote area efficiencies, budgetary and time frame limitations so the project didn’t miss any opportunity to take advantage of weather conditions wherever possible.

The limiting factor for achieving milestones in remote areas are limited accommodation availability, and so, Ago Vires utilized its diversely skilled workforce to perform varying trained to improve our position. This meant at times, for example, electricians were on machinery backfilling trenches and plumbers were pulling cable, which all depended on the task at hand and the opportunity to gain efficiencies. Meanwhile we used our best operator to excavate the trenches which set the pace for the personnel behind them.

Lessons Learnt

We took away a good understanding that a well defined scope provides a clear pathway forward. There were many scope changes that needed to be addressed while the project was being constructed; probably the most testing were influences outside of the control of the project personnel or pre-mobilisation planning and this meant that the project had to be adjusted ‘on the fly’ which is never a good way to go. Fortunately, having maintained constant communication with the customer we were able to overcome the most difficult situations and finish the project with a good outcome.

Additional Project Information

The project is the first stage of strategic facility infrastructure in the region; having increased the capacity of large scale events with a particular focus on increased powered electrical and water to 44 bollards. The project efficiency allowed for an additional 8 bollards then what was originally required which is a great outcome for the region.

Because of the remoteness of Noccundra, the facility relies solely on generator power and river water. This meant that the facility needed to operate during smaller events using the existing generator system, and then, when a large event is planned a significantly larger generator can be shipped to site for use during the event without the need for large scale establishment expenses.

Overall this is the 1st project of its type to cater for large scale events on a semi-permanent basis. For further information contact Ago Vires on 07 4655 3037