Mereenie & MASP Pipeline Integrity Project

Mereenie & MASP Pipeline

Central Petroleum


Project Responsibilities

The project covers field pipeline integrity of 7 field gathering lines, and then main transmission line (~300km) integrity and testing. Test Pressures range from 7,600kPa-22,950kPa. The test duration is sufficient to meet legislative compliance and industry standards accordingly.

  • Coordinate and mobilise site crew and equipment to site for testing
  • Program works to best utilise resources and improve productivity
  • Remain particularly focused on Cultural and Environmental considerations
  • Completion Dosier (MDR)
Pipeline Hydrotesting and Integrity Inspection


The work was undertaken to align with other projects being completed in the region and to allow expansion of the integrity related concerns. The pipeline integrity inspections were fundamental for the success of process equipment and increases of facility production accordingly. The region has significant cultural as well as environmental related considerations that are required to be managed constantly.

The personnel showed their experience in working in remote locations. They were flexible with scope changes and continually improved productivity wherever possible as a team which was great; and, they never forgot about their commitment to safety and the significance of local environment and cultural considerations.

Team Working Along ROW

Solutions Provided

Coordinated planning by the Ago Vires supervisor improved the process for streamlining tests; along with maintaining close customer communications. The team were able to foresee potential performance restrictions and then adapt practical and methodical plans to overcome such challenges.

Lessons Learnt

Communication and planning ahead of time provided the best working environment for site crew; ensuring the team was fit for the environment and site conditions as well as ensuring opportunities for improved performance were taken advantage of lead to the best outcome.

Additional Project Information

The site crew were able to improve projected integrity performance by >30% as a result of teams experience and industry knowledge. As a result, the client engaged our team for additional scope which still fell under the original budget estimate.