Hospital Ambulance Bay, Thargomindah


Queensland Health


Project Responsibilities

A design and construct project with a ‘fast track’ construction aspect that required delivery with 12 weeks from date of client acceptance. This meant Ago Vires were responsible for:

  • Project and construction management,
  • Building approvals,
  • Civil design and independent 3rd party certification,
  • Pier construction and independent 3rd party certification,
  • Electrical design and construction,
  • Plumbing and stormwater design and construction,
  • Onsite fabrication and construction of suspended driveway foundations,
  • Asbestos removal and disposal in certified regulatory allotment,
  • Concrete construction of driveway,
  • Construction of ‘fly over’ roof system,
  • Renovation of entrance and ambulance access system,
  • Provide automatic vehicle entrance and simplify ambulance management features,
  • Commission project for ‘fast tracked’ use of the facility.


The project had a very tight timeframe considering the design and approval component took 1/2 of the project phase and the concrete curing duration was 4 weeks; meaning 4 weeks for most of the construction activities. This meant that the team had to manage all aspects of construction as faultlessly as possible. With great site supervison as well as an extremely skilled team on site, it meant that we played the best ‘A’ side for a single project.

Fast tracked, design and construct, remote area, suspended concrete slab, ambulance bay connecting to existing operating facility, during Covid-19 pandemic.

Solutions Provided

Not only have Ago Vires built and incredible team of personnel to undertake a variety of projects in the most remote areas of inland Australia, but Ago Vires has built excellent relationships with its suppliers, and in this instance, it required every effort from all of our suppliers to bring this project together.

These include:

  • Engineering and design,
  • 3rd party building certifier,
  • Offsite reinforcement fabrication,
  • Steel, bondek and reinforcement,
  • Concrete supply and delivery,
  • Concrete pumping,
  • Roller door and wall sheeting,
  • Plumbing and electrical,
  • Aluminium cladding and solarspan

The other significant achievement, is that Ago Vires completed this project on the back of an extensive AS3003 ‘Body Protect’ electrical upgrade it completed at the same facility only a few month earlier. We built an excellent relationship with our client on that project and this project became another great step forward for our team also.

Lessons Learnt

It is sometimes hard to maintain composure when people are under a lot of stress; this project was very stressful at times and especially with such a tight deadline for completion. We learnt that great communication between personnel and with the client goes a long way to ensuring the project runs smoothly.

The best efforts were undertaken early through good planning whilst the designs were being undertaken; this allowed the project manager to arrange equipment, manning, suppliers and have the relevant project schedule milestones align with an achievable outcome. The project manager then went on to deliver the project accordingly. Responsibility was sustained through all phases of construction.

Additional Project Information

Ago Vires take pride in their projects and building strong relationships with our clients. This project really tested our teams ability to perform under pressure whilst delivering a high quality construction project.

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