ATP1056 Field Operating

80km's South of Noccundra
200km's West of Thargomindah

Texas Tickalara Holdings


Andromedae Oilfield is located within ATP1056 and covers an area of approx 3,800km2. The permit was first granted in 2010 with Andromedae #1 Well being drilled in 2011. Since this time and during 2019, the field has generated ‘free flow’ crude oil from 2 main oil producing wells (Andromedae #1 and Andromedae South #1).

Ago Vires began operating the field in 2014 and continues to operate the field for its JV Partners.

The remote location of ATP1056

Asset Accountability

Professional field operations ensure that assets are maintained while legislative and regulatory requirements are constantly monitored and adhered to. Ago Vires maintain focus on all aspects of the field operating asset to ensure proper mitigation processes are in place so that field viability and value is upheld without risking performance of the operational assets. We are proud of the teams performance:

  • 5+ Years LTI/MTI Free
  • 5+ Years Uninterrupted Continual Production
  • 5+ Years Regulatory Compliance

Project Constraints

The field is remotely located approx 1,000km’s North of Adelaide and 1,100km’s West of Brisbane on the fringe of the Cooper Basin and approx 70km’s South of Jackson Oilfield established in 1985.

Managing logistics within this geographically remote location is the major project constraint; aligning scheduled tanker load out’s with those of other neighbouring fields and ensuring acceptance of production crude remains the primary focus.

Improved Knowledge

Process Dewatering and Storage Tanks

Ago Vires do not normally provide in house down hole or reservoir analysis; however, we rely upon independent petroleum engineering experts to determine the method of extraction; then Ago Vires control all phases of expediting, procurement, logistics & construction management ensuring the integrity of the agreed process is monitored, documented and controlled.

Construction – to – Production

While Ago Vires are known as an ‘Energy Construction Specialist’; ATP 1056 “Andromedae Field” was the first combined ‘construct, operate and maintain’ project that Ago Vires has completed:

  • Civil Earthworks
  • Process Design (Mechanical, Instrument & Electrical)
  • Offsite Pipework
  • Offsite Modification of Process Equipment
  • Camp Facility & Laydown Construction
  • Pipeline Construction & Manifold Tie-Ins
  • Facility Construction
  • Offsite Precast Concrete
  • HA Electrical & Instrumentation
  • Facility Earthing & Equopotential Bonding
  • Chemical Injection & Process Heat Tracing
  • Commissioning of Plant & Equipment
  • Operating & Maintaining

Knowing the construction process, and, combining the companies skills with operating has allowed the Ago Vires to expose efficiencies above >35% from competitors.

“Our intention is to replicate our proven success at ATP1056; approaching other similar customers with geographically isolated and remote fields and delivering a ‘turn key’ solution.”

Marco Otaola